Short Films

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$10.00 USD

Size limit: 20 minutes

UPDATE: As of April 2013, we have instituted an Audience Award at each of our quarterly screenings. The most popular film at each screening, as voted on by our audience members, will receive a $100 (Canadian) prize.

Shorts That Are Not Pants is a quarterly screening series for short films that takes place in Toronto, Canada.

We are a small but growing organization, and are currently accepting submissions of short films up to 20 minutes in length. All genres are welcome. This is a curated program and there is no guarantee that we will use any film submitted, but we are looking to expand our reach and let filmmakers come to us.

Your film must be on YouTube or Vimeo to submit, although password-protected links are just fine. (Don't forget to let us know the password in your entry form!)

The $10 submission fee serves several purposes.

  1. It weeds out anyone who's not serious while remaining low enough to be affordable to most filmmakers.
  2. It recognizes the value of our time. We will watch every submission and that means time away from other projects or paying work.
  3. It's a small way of sustaining our screening series. Ticket sales alone hardly cover our costs, which include venue rental, advertising, and payments to award winners.

Thanks for your understanding, and look forward to hearing from you!

Small disclaimer: Shorts That Are Not Pants may discontinue accepting submissions at any time, and may choose to use some or none of the films submitted. Although we will do our best to give you personal feedback on your film, we cannot guarantee that.